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What happened before...

Actually the FREE KEY BIT CHESS history is told in one sentence:

The guys met each other, decided to found a metal band and that's it. Well, you can imagine that it began like in any band, but our history is of course much more interesting.

Free Key Bit Chess - biography (PDF, english)

Here we go:

Far away from the idea to join a combo like the BITCHESS, Harry and Chris played together in a band called BEN NEVIS. At the same time Steiff attended the same vocational school like Harry. You may call it fate or whatever you want, but one day both of them were put into one grade. As they were the only ones with long hair, they sat next to each other and began to philosophise about their most beloved band KISS. Two hearts found together.

In opposition to Steiff - who has never thought about making music - Harry already wrote some first own songs in his living room at home. When Steiff heard that one special song, nowadays known as "Idiosincrazy", he dared a first attempt as a rock singer! That's how it started; Steiff joined the band. Unfortunately they were not really successful, so they played mostly for themselves in their rehearsal room. As Steiff wanted more, he preferred to play in lots of different other groups... ok, you are bored? So let's start, now it's going to be interesting:

At this moment Harry started a new cover project and was looking for a shouter, so why not ask Steiff (his old fellow)??? That was the birth of COLD GIN. They played stuff from Saxon, D.A.D., Kiss, actually everything that rocked. With this performance Steiff gave his very first concert after five years of his career (my God, I was scared to death - Steiff). At this time Tom was playing the guitar and Steiff asked him to join his main project SHULK. That's the reason why the cover band died after two legendary concerts. At the same time Harry played for LUSTFINGER, a well known punk combo from Munich, so he was in good hands. SHULK was not that nonfamous in Munich (one album and lots of gigs), however, Steiff left the band for various reasons... So he was alone again and thought about something new from scratch - something, which really kicks ass!!!

And what about Chris? He sold his equipment after the end of BEN NEVIS. Noone understood his decision. It was unbearable for the world of sportive musicians to lose such a great bassist.

FKBC were born

It was one of the sweaty and pretty phat nights in the Fantasy. Steiff to Harry: "What about a really wicked metal band that just kicks ass!?". Harry: "Okay... I listen...". So they talked about their ideas of sound and how they could raise this project - the whole night... until the question about a band name came up - big helplessness...

Two nights and some bottles of Jack Daniel's later Steiff said: "FREE KEY BIT CHESS". Win one of our CDs if you email us the meaning of the name. It was one of the... (okay, you know it)..., when Chris was asked on his birthday, if he would like to take the bass part. "Ok, give me one, two days, I'll think about it...". About two minutes later the former rhythm section was reunited. It must have been '95, when the story of FREE KEY BIT CHESS began, now everything went very fast, Felix was engaged for the guitar - by the way - he is still forming the F.K.B.C. sound, although he had left the band years ago. Up to now, there have been lots of changes regarding the guitar, hardcore-influenced by Tom, power metal-influenced by Franz. Since July 2000 Mick is playing the guitar. In December 2008, Hamid Shoja joined the band, when Chris decided to leave the band due to lack of time. Furthermore, we finally found a second guitarist with Axel Rasthofer in March 2009. If you want to be up to date regarding our activities, then subscribe our newsletter!

Da Bitchess...
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