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When Steiff (vocals), Harry (drums) and Chris (bass) founded the band in Munich in 1995, the plan was to rock some foundations – and the quake that resulted stunned the Richter scale. Once the right guitarist was found, they went about defining the FREE KEY BIT CHESS aka FKBC sound, drawing from the various band members' influences and the whole spectrum of the hard genre.

After some changes on the guitar, Mick joined in 2001, bringing with him the decisive ingredients for the sound, and finalising the band's style. Since December 2008, the new bassist Hamid has rounded off the line-up as it stands today.

FREE KEY BIT CHESS – the name alone bears witness to the band's irony and creativity. Or are there still people out there who don't hear "Freaky Bitches" when they say it? And the name is just the start of their agenda – no clichés, no trend-following, just uncompromising open-mindedness while staying true to their style.

Endowed with contemporary riffs, polished solos and straight-up grooves, the "Bitches" have bred a sound brim-full of energy that they know just how to spark over to their live audiences. FREE KEY BIT CHESS have shared the stage with the likes of Ektomorf, Farmer Boys, Legion of the Damned, Tankard, Debauchery and Mystic Prophecy over the years, proving that they need shy no comparison with the greats of the craft when it comes to professionalism and stage presence.
After self-producing the EPs "Three Days In Space" and "…Raging", the band signed up with the independent label Bad Land Records in 2007, and brought our their first official album "Kiss My Ass". Then, after the new demo-EP "demo-lition" in 2008 and numerous live gigs around the republic, they took a creative break in 2010, to then focus on song-writing again since the end of 2012. Soon after, the boys produced the video to the track "I Bleed You Die" on YouTube and have since then been on the lookout for the right sales channel for a new disc.

They found it in summer 2014. With their new label Sonic Revolution behind them, the Munich metal veterans FKBC with an almost 20-year band history will be launching their new 10-track album "Havoc" on 17 October 2014.

Which means the Bitches are lying in wait now, ready to kick some ass again!
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